The Solarian Empire




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Official Languages

Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Giant




Absolute Monarchy


Illivan ver Hermes


Imperial Council



The Holy Empire of Solaria is the largest nation in the world, as well as the oldest. Having been founded at the very end of the Cataclysm, the ancient nation has persisted against all threats both domestic and foreign for roughly a millennium and a half. However, the nation is far from unified. Alliances of noble families hold large swaths of territory within the nation, and rule as Kings in their own right.

Despite being a single nation, Solaria can be divided into 6 distinct regions, each controlled by a different alliance of Noble families. While ostensibly a part of the greater nation, each is ruled almost as a separate nation, especially as civil war has further unraveled the loyalties that once bound it.

In recent months, these ambitious nobles have begun to rebel. Following a massive bombing that destroyed the Empire's most prestigious mages guild, and with the failure of the government to bring the perpetrator to justice, many within Solaria have begun to realize how far their nation has stagnated. Now, many nobles openly revolt against Emperor Illivan ver Hermes and seek to replace him. The country has been divided into those who support the Emperor, those who seek to restore his half-brother to the throne, and those who seek to abolish the monarchy entirely.

Those loyal to the reigning emperor, Illivan ver Hermes, make up the Loyalist faction. The ver Hermes and ver Draford families are the most aligned with this faction, and are territorially the largest. They maintain that Illvian is the only one fit to rule Solaria, and that the monarchy has guided the nation true for centuries.

Those who seek to restore Illvian's older brother, Reunir ver Hermes, are members of the Restorationist faction. Primarily composed of members of the ver Fairdawn and ver Torrun families, these individuals believe that Illivan is ill-suited for rule, and that the crown should belong to his older brother, who had surrendered the crown and was exiled.

Led by the ver Paust and ver Honione families, the Republicans seek to abolish the monarchy entirely. Instead, they wish to form a republic. However, the specifics of this republic are unknown, and many believe these families are less interested in equality than they are in increasing their own power.

Solaria's name is due to the fact that it is bathed in light, with some parts of the country never seeing what most would consider to be night. As a result, the weather of the region is an endless summer, though the intensity of the light and heat vary by location. The farther north on the continent, the more direct sunlight reaches, and the hotter it gets.

In the north of what most people would consider the civilized lands of Solaria is an enormous mountain range known as the Dragonspine Mountains. Beyond them lie the region known as the Dustlands; land under such harsh conditions that life on the surface appears impossible, and a desert stretches on as far as one can see.

The Dustlands are not without value, however. Some unique races of creature are able to survive beneath its surface, and a number of pre-Cataclysm ruins have been found there holding ancient secrets. For those willing to explore, the Dustlands may hold exotic rewards.

The remaining land of Solaria is warm, but lush. With centuries to adapt, both naturally and with the aid of magic, plant life has become accustomed to the warm temperatures of the north. With much of the continent remaining underdeveloped, these plants have been allowed to expand and thrive, and much of the natural landscape is untouched by mortal hands.

The oceans on the coast of Solaria are likewise known for their beauty and warmth. The lack of industrialization within Solaria has kept pollution to a minimum, and the Blue Sea that rests to Solaria's south remains generally crystal-clear. Other bodies of water within the region are similarly pristine, with some exceptions.

Faction of the Solarian Civil War

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