The ver Draford Territories

ver Draford



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Theocratic Republic

Favored Soul

Minerva ver Draford


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Closely aligned with Emperor Illivan is the Church of Idakor, the formal religious body of the Holy Solarian Empire, which controls considerable territories under the ver Draford family name. Unlike the other noble families of Solaria, the ver Draford family is one in which all members are adopted instead of born.

Though the ver Draford lands are owned by the Church of Idakor, most of its residents are no more attached to the Church than those elsewhere in Solaria. For them, members of the clergy have little difference from the nobility that rule other regions of the country, complete with an elevated last name.

As one can expect, the leadership is not particularly different for these lands, either. While the ruling class of the ver Draford lands can claim a higher purpose than bickering nobles, they are often still just as fallible as any other. Even those who govern their lands with benevolence may draw the ire of their people, as the Church is not above letting local leaders take the blame for its wider policies if that means preserving the faith as a whole.

The Church of Idakor and its lands are primarily composed of humans, though that's mainly due to how many there are rather than any deliberate choice by the Church. Indeed, it attempts to be accepting of all races, though its formal policies and the actions of its faithful may not always align. If one were to find themselves in a ver Draford village, it may be impossible to distinguish from one in the Hermesian territories.

The cities also reflect this population spread, though they have a slightly wider distribution. In particular, the ver Draford lands claim the most aasimar residents of any other Solarian region, as those touched by the divine in the nation seek purpose. Within the cities, the Church is also at its strongest, and one is more likely to see the values it preaches displayed by the citizens as a result.

Much of the power in the Church lands are rooted within the cities, where the Archbishops of the Church reside. At all levels, the members of the clergy squabble as much as the children of any noble family, albeit with a greater display of sanctity and with justifications rooted more in religion.

Both the people and the clergy respect the monarchy and believe their region has greater influence than others, due to the fact that Emperor Illivan spent much of his childhood under the tutelage of the Patriarch of the Church. Toward that end, they're often quite opposed to those that seek to depose the emperor.

The lands of the ver Draford family hold three major cities, each of which acts as a major hub for different sects of the Idakorian faith.

Iglesia is the capital of the ver Draford lands, featuring the largest cathedrals and the highest population. Even its residential and commercial buildings are constructed in Idakorian fashion, most featuring rooftop gardens and vibrant plant life draped along the walls and filling the streets.

Those who worship Gadriel are also most likely to call this city home, as the paladins who serve the god of Justice also seek to protect the center of the church. However, their eagerness to dispense justice has increased during the civil war as they search for traitors and spies, and some are beginning to fear that they will create enemies where there are none.

Unión rests along a point where two of Solaria's largest rivers converge, only a short distance from the sea. Being the easiest city in the ver Draford territories to trade with, Unión is more cosmopolitan than the other cities, and generally has far more visitors. The sect of the church devoted to Kasdiel is also headquartered here, as the flow of people allows its members to better gather information and learn rumors from across the nation.

The “Port without Hope” is the northernmost city in the church lands, resting along the edge of the Mar de Sol, as well as the smallest. Across this inland sea lies the Dragonspine mountains, with this particular section featuring a mountain pass that makes this location one of the best for safely entering the Dustlands. Many have boarded the ferry here to travel into the northern desert, though many never return. Amongst that number are worshipers of Sachiel, who operate out of this city and still seek to uncover the mysteries buried in the sand.

The ver Draford lands are ones where it is impossible to avoid the religious beliefs that tie Solaria together. Toward that end, characters from this region will typically be influenced significantly by it.

Strong Faiths. Characters from the ver Draford territories often have strong religious beliefs. This may take the form of the established church, with a strong belief in Idakor or his sub-gods, or a contrary faith taken up in spite of their upbringing.

Educated. The Church of Idakor strives for a literate population, so that its citizens are able to read religious texts, and to identify possible candidates for the church. As a result, citizens of this region tend to be more well-educated than the common folk of other regions.

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