The World of Baltia

Baltia is a world of extremes. Its northern continent, Solaria, is bathed in almost constant daylight. This continent houses a single nation unified more in name than in practice, with noble families ruling large swaths of territories as feudal domains with great independence from the central government.

In the center, the fractured nations of the Belt are organized into factions vying for influence and authority amongst one another, as well as attempting to preserve their independence from the larger powers to the north and the south. In an almost perpetual twilight, these nations are varied in their governments, ideologies, and specialties.

The southern continent of Umbria suffers from perpetual cold, due to its near perpetual darkness. Thanks to a mysterious body of warm water known as the Burning Sea in its center, as well as advances in technology, many people call the continent home regardless. The nations on this continent have embraced progress more than any others, and benefit from advances in technology and industry.

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