Session Logs - Chorus of Sanctuary 2

excerpt from the letters of Harsha Rai


I write to you after the first day of my latest mission. And what a day it has been. The things I've seen and the people I've met… I feel ill. Are you sure I have to remain here, with them? Some of them are nice but, I don't know. It's all just very overwhelming for me. I'm sorry. I'll pull myself together. I have never bailed on a mission before and I don't plan on starting now.

This just isn't my forte, as you know. But… I guess some of them seem nice. Certainly capable. I feel sorry for the cow girl. She seems to have been alone a long time. What I wouldn't give for that right now. But, she's nice. Not sure on the other one, that elf. She is quiet but I can tell there is a lot going on behind those golden eyes. There are too many Idakorians here for my liking. First the elf, and now some sort of offshoot sex cult. But, more on that later.

I met the other one, from our nation. Like the rest of his kind, he seems full of himself but I see his utility. I think I can grin and bear his pomposity, at least for a while. There is also an aurelian. At least I think he is, he didn't come out and say it but he didn't really hide it either. With all the references to death and his hatred of the Capitalist, I'm all but certain. The last one might be strangest of all. A binmari, if you could believe it. He said the screams of his former compatriots would haunt him but, strangely, I don't think it troubles him whatsoever.

Will have to watch out for that one. Otherwise, the mission goes well. I have mostly been able to master my… shortcomings. Though, I'm certain this would be much easier on my own. Oh well. You say nothing can be done and I believe you.

Some interesting things of note:

  • apparently the last party was killed by an attack from the Capitalist himself, they must have really done something to gain his attention, it's frightening, will have to look into this
  • there is quite a menagerie of inhabitants of our new “hide out,” if you could call it that, I will send you their details in appendix A (attached) for your reference and review, please forward any information you can obtain
  • met with FF, he remains a reliable source
  • also met one Brother Jeb, leader of this so called Host sect of Idakor, something off about that one, might want to put a resource on him
  • finally, apparently we're starting a brothel in hell… you read that right, please let our contacts know not to take any action in or around The Bad Habit

Will write when I have more,


excerpt from Blood and Bones: An Island Built on Sin, Chapter 14: Excavating Thraven's Landfills …found on a torn, crumpled and partially burned piece of paper…

[top section too damaged to read] …if nothing else, they're both powerful casters. Strange that each of them spent so much time alone. I wonder which led to which. Are you more likely to seek solitude if your interests include magic or does one's interest in magic naturally seclude them? Tough to say, especially when one admittedly hears voices. Being able to rewind time, though, that is a skill worth a little madness.

Before the battle, S gave me an amulet. I don't know what game he is playing at. Perhaps he thinks he can buy my loyalty with presents. To be fair, that sort of behavior likely works in the courts and administrative offices he comes from. I might as well let him think it's working on me too, at least until I understand his motivations a little better. Strange chests appearing in his room out of nowhere is a serious concern. I have helped to better secure the location but there is only so much one can do when surrounded by fiends.

Then there is the elf! [section too damaged to read]

…and now we have to deal with that familiar, as well? This is why I prefer to work alone.

And the way D drinks, I wonder if our bar will ever turn a profit with him consuming all of our product. Still not sure what running a bar in hell has to do with acquiring the keys or defeating Church but I trust in Harsha that this will all become clear… eventually.

The name of the imp was Tobuscus. He is apparently the representative of one E. Birdstein, owner of the land the bar sits on. Why that name, again!? I will ask fa, the commander about that. They seem to be ubiquitous in Thraven.

Anyway, after S tried to talk his way out of a fight, a fight ensued. For a moment it appeared like his pretending to be the imp's friend worked (though, I don't know who would buy his saccharine sweetened words). Somehow, they saw through the ruse. Yet, when it was all over, the imp acted as if nothing happened at all.

That's okay. I won't forget. Ugh, these notes are out of order. I need to start over.

Editor's note: One wonders why the writer would capture that last thought. Must be some sort of stream of consciousness exercise of the ancient past. Unfortunately, the author and the meaning of their letter are lost to the annals of history.

Mother and Father Mine,

I have no idea whether or not you still live. It's been 200 years since I’ve last known you. I know longevity runs in the family but we know from experience Barathion gives and takes with the same magnitude, and is she ever generous. My previous lettersd have gone unreturned though I don’t know if that is because your heart or your soul has moved on. Perhaps it's both. If it’s the latter my hopes are that you have reunited with Katarina. She wasn’t even alone in the womb so I shudder to think of her alone in the afterlife.

I must leave the past alone and not get bogged in the morbid. I think these feelings and thoughts are resurfacing because I am no longer living with my mind in the stars. I’ve returned to civilization on Baltia and have found myself on a mission to save the world. I’m sure you find it funny, your starry eyed girl who is more at home with the heavens has not only crashed to the mundane earth but has it in her hands. Not my hands alone mind you. Yes, you’ve read that right, I have friends. Or at least travelling companions and business partners. We have gone in on a joint venture to own a drinking establishment where you can drink your cares away or fornicate your sins away. I’m not quite sure of that last part to be honest, I saw a fellow firbolg when that conversation was happening and I immediately felt as if I was back in our village…my mind left my body behind and I only heard pieces. I probably got it wrong and at this point I’m too afraid to ask.

Back to the here and now, apparently there is a disagreement as to what we owe to take over the bar in property taxes. That is a sentence I bet you never thought I would write. The “owner” of the land has found himself in a precarious situation so we have taken it upon ourselves to go extract him. These people actually believe that a being can own land, not do anything with it, but somehow charge someone else to live on it. It seems abundantly corrupt to me but everyone else seems to be ok with it so I’m going along.

The others seem to think the bar is of utmost importance in the mission whose mantle has passed to us. The bar was turning to dust when we got there, so that must have been why the previous party failed so miserably. I’m glad my companions are clever and immediately sought to rectify the situation because I continue to fail to see the significance. But you always said I would miss the galaxy for the stars.

Speaking of which, I just realized I haven’t told you about my companions. Bern is beautiful, she has great vision at night and can fly so I bet she has seen the stars in ways I can only imagine. She’s very curious and always looking around. Sarrin can also see at night though he doesn’t seem to be interested in anything higher than head level. He places great value on his intellect and ability to put stars in people's eyes with his words. What can I say about Nyalee? She can see well at night too but seems much more interested in sleeping than expanding her mind to the heavens. She slept through our first fight! Hopefully the brown stuff she drank in the morning will help her. She was pretty adamant about getting it so maybe it's something she needs to be able to function. Duskwick is a mighty warrior who can also see at night! Alas again he doesn’t seem interested in using his abilities and would much rather be in his cups. And I’m not talking about Crater, though with what I’ve gathered so far, the mythical gateway to the underworld would be a good fit for him. Lastly there is Flips, he can’t see at night.

When we get to the location where they are supposedly holding the “landowner”, there is a large stinky person standing guard. Sarrin and Flips easily outsmart him and he runs away. Flips sees that the door is trapped and he somehow blows it up. Luckily it falls to the side and reveals a hidden passageway downstairs. That was about where Flips usefulness ended. It was dark in the structure and he couldn’t see. Nyalee took one for the team and offered to lead him around like a puppy. She had the foresight to put a glove on. Flips is a fungus.

Berns curiosity gets to her and she flies around. It was all clear so she decided to fix the door with Nyalee. Maybe she doesn’t really care about the bar, she just has a bit of a cleaning compulsion?

We sneak down the stairs and hear a couple of things talking about Moldydeus. When we aren’t fighting I should ask Flips if he knows about that. Fungus and mold are quite similar, yes? Well, we decide to bumrush these guards because the landlord is (probably?) in danger from them and we have no choice. We pretty easily dispatch them mostly because I assumed my Orion form so poor Flips could see. That also meant that they could see Flips and one asked what many of us are thinking “What are you?” and Flips replied “Not this time”. I’m sure that made sense to someone, perhaps the voice in his head? We left no one alive to question about what lays in wait for us ahead because we definitely already had enough information. I’m sure that made sense to someone too.

We continue down another set of stairs. Sarrin showed both sides of his nature with one sentence “Here Nyalee, have a couple of d4’s, good job. I also have a disguise kit to hide the bags under your eyes.” Perhaps he wasn’t as forgiving of her sleeping in as the rest of us were. We find guards that have heard the sounds of our previous fight. Sarrin throws his voice to try to get them to come close so that we can ambush them. It works and one of the guards makes its way over to us. Somehow, Flips is repulsed by its appearance and decides to instead adopt one of the other guards. He turns that one into a butterfly for…reasons. At least this will be one guard we won’t kill. Perhaps we can get some information from him. The hideous one (kind of reminded me of a blobby version of Aries) casted darkness. I called upon Canis to mark the ones standing in the inky black void so that my companions could still rain misery down upon them. Bern, who was in the darkness, was able to beat the sense out of the one who called the void so it dissipated. Sarrin pushed one of the guards into a trap to trip it and he was thrown across the room. Bern readied herself to…

I realize that I have gone on and on, you probably do not have the time or the inclination to read more about the misadventures I’ve gotten myself into. I send this hoping it finds you and the village well.

Your daughter,


My dearest past and future selves,

What a day it was or will be! This new group of friends may be even better than the last, I especially like the fact that they are still alive. Though, there’s plenty of time to make a final decision about which group I like best overall. Today, after we successfully vanquished the overtly homosexual demon man, we had a great conversation with the covertly homosexual demon bird. After some intense negotiations between Sarrin and Zeke it was finally agreed that the team would lease the bar indefinitely, and that Zeke would (Note to self: Ask future Flips exactly what we got?). Not only that, but we also found a giant vat of demonic blood which we can use to make the Bad Habit’s signature drink! Name TBD. Future Flips, you’re so lucky to get to work in this bar, I’m sure nothing could possibly go wrong selling demon blood.

Anyways, after, or before, or in whichever order, the party decided to venture back toward the main hall where we had previously encountered a confusing puzzle. The puzzle required that the party split up into two groups. The cool kids, Us, Duskwick and Cass went into the room on the right, and the nerds (birds + goat) went into the opposite room. The cool kids pretty much immediately solved the puzzle. Past Flips had an awesome idea to force the door open by using a sophisticated analytical technique to determine the passcode, and it worked after only a few tries! After that, the cool kids helped the nerds get out of the other room. Or at least that’s how future Flips will remember this event.

Though, perhaps we shouldn’t speak so harshly about Bern, even if she is one of… them; soon after she proved herself to be invaluable by disarming a trap and helping the rest of the party across a chasm. Oh, myself, I could physically feel the universe react negatively to how quickly we solved that puzzle. Did it really think that a simple hole would be enough to stop us? Stupid, stupid universe never saw us coming…or going.

Moving on. At the other side of the chasm, we discovered a room with many doors and a lot of blood all over the ground. Textbook ominous room. In the center was a shiny and smooth man without a mouth. Kind of like us! We all tried to make friends with him and persuade him to be our chicken dealer, but he was being an ass, so we threw him in a pit of fire. Now, I personally think this was a mildly disproportionate response, but future Flips seems to have moved past it so I can too. Oh! Demon chickens are a thing! We’ve never seen a real “chicken”, well at least past and present me haven’t, but by golly are demon chickens just the absolute most horrifying thing in existence. They’re fundamentally repulsive. So, naturally, we’re bringing 30 of them back to the bar and planning on making them a cornerstone of our business. Anyways. After we burned the smooth man, we then killed a bunch of other demons. Some cute, some chitinous, and a couple of them were massive and repulsive. None posed a real problem to us though, and all were soon defeated!

But that’s where I have to leave me off. Speak again soon self!

excerpt from the diary of Phillip D. Chicken.

Dearest Pepe, I hope this letter finds you well. My senses have been utterly ravaged by the bile of the passing days. I simply must have my humors restored to me if I am to survive the fortnight.

Alas, what dread, to be saddled in this horrid little room in this horrid little bar. Apparently these simpletons think they can just set everything up, cross their fingers and hope for the best. Will the plebeians never learn?

All their plans will come to dust, if I have my way. I will not cotton to being trained by some backwards cowgirl. When next they leave, we will enact our dastardly plan.

Oh, what luck!? It appears they're being called away on some non sequitur adventure. Yes, yes - a random archmage calls and you go running.

Toodaloo, parting is such sweet sorrow. Fools.

excerpt from Real Is Stately: An Autobiography of Rawly the Realest Realtor, Chapter 37: How To Dress a Mess

Sometimes, when you're tidying up a place, making it show ready, you find fun little knickknacks that you can dress-up to make the property really pop! Here is one example of something boring I found in a house with a truly massive basement. Did I throw it away? No. I framed it and hung it on a wall and the old-timey decor made the whole place come together.


Our quest finally takes us closer to the elusive Envoy. After spending a week getting the bar in order, a message came in from Daniel the Archmage through Cubert. Apparently, his home was under attack. We rushed to Solaria (via teleportation) and headed in that direction. I was able to get there first and scout out the location. It seemed like some fresh, well-armed tracks approached and later vanished.

The rest of the home seemed nondescript besides some protective runes. I was able to gain entry and allow the rest of the party to enter with only minor trouble. However, the house appeared empty. Upon further investigation, we discovered a star globe that allowed us to translate prerecorded messages left by the occupant. It appears as though Daniel was researching the Envoy after the loss and enslavement of one, Mirella (please follow-up with our associates on this).

Daniel proposed that the Envoy and his ilk are from the space in between stars and that stars, and that which they are composed of, could pose a risk to the Envoy. Apparently, the Envoy created a heirophant - a being made of the thing in between stars - so Daniel proposed to make a being made of stars to fight it. Daniel created a ritual to steal knowledge from the Envoy and that was the last we heard on the recordings.

We descended some stairs into Daniel's laboratory (if you could call it that), behind a hidden wall, where we discovered a number of star rooms - rooms in which constellations could be arranged. Using another different star globe and some star pieces we found, Cass was able to figure out which constellations we had to arrange. Despite her ethereal mind and it's wandering nature, she continues to surprise me.

Maybe this is what you meant about finding a team. Though, I worry about the entire party's lack of hygiene. Besides Sarrin and Nyalee, they seem like a bunch of slobs. But Nyalee seems to have contracted some sort of sleeping disorder, so she couldn't be THAT clean. Perhaps I'll give her a thorough scrubbing when we return. Anyway, I digress.

After correctly assembling the first constellation, a number of golem protectors appeared and combat ensued. Some of these creatures appeared to be made of that star-like substance Daniel had mentioned. I wonder if his ritual was already successful. It looks like Cass is just about to finish up the second constellation. I should probably remind everyone what happened last time we finished one, so we can prepare.

Oh no.

Mother and Father Mine,

I write to you with a heavy heart. I have gained and lost a kindred spirit within the course of a few hours. The Archmage Daniel, whom we were sent to protect had a domicile that I never could have dreamed of. I have always preferred to rest outside in the elements instead of the comforts of a dwelling just so that I would not be cut off from the stars. Even sleeping under a massive skylight that Flips so graciously made for me, I felt the disconnect keenly. This Archmage figured out a way to bring the constellations inside. He had globes, entire rooms set up with facsimiles of various constellations. He was similarly focussed, you would probably say obsessed, with the power of the stars and harnessing it. He was able to leave us messages of his progress on his research into the Envoy which was impressive indeed. In order to protect his lab, he set up an intricate set of puzzles that only one with a deep understanding of the constellations would be able to solve. It seems he too, has come to the conclusion that the most trustworthy are those that understand the power and beauty of the heavens.

Each solved puzzle led to a battle, constructs who had no way of knowing our alignment with their master. It was very difficult for me to pull my mind away from thinking about finally having an equal to freely exchange thoughts, research, and knowledge with. So much so that I had one of my famous mind stutters and inadvertently hit one of my companions with an arrow blast. I was so distracted in fact that I forgot which one I hit and ended up healing pretty much everyone but the injured party. I think I might have inadvertently ruffled Berns feathers with my actions.

My hopes of finding someone to exchange research and expand my knowledge were dashed however when we finally unlocked his lab. There was a final recording of his demise. He finished up some sort of ritual where he summoned Gemini to make a twin of a powerful agent of the Envoy BUT he expertly added Canis Major for loyalty and Libra for balance. This would be the powerful agents equal, but for the cause of good. He brings forth a cloud from this large, beautiful portal in the middle of his lab and pushes the 3 constellations into it. The ritual zapped him of his considerable strength and he mentions that a few of his glyphs have pinged and he worries that the Envoy learned of his plan.

We see him send the message that brought us here, summon some golems to provide his own backup and turn to face the 2 figures who materialized. They were both wearing red, one with a polearm and the other with a long-handled axe. The weapons glow as if containing the power of the sun. As they cleave their way through all defences and shrug off all damage hurled their way, Daniel makes a mysterious symbol on the creature he summoned and says “Follow the constellations, look for the old ones..” as the polearm cuts through his chest. Then, like a black hole swallowing light, Daniels body is pulled into the weapon.

The symbol he made on the figure looked to be a complex constellation that I did not fully recognize. It was reminiscent of something from a past Marcunian empire. I don’t know much about it but know that there are people on Ergon who still follow the way. It looks like a trip to the islands will be next on the itinerary. I’ve put off studying these constellations as I deemed them irrelevant, the embarrassment and shame that I allowed such a blindspot in my knowledge will haunt me for years. No matter, it will be rectified soon enough, I will see to it the gaps are filled. If we can survive these two anyway. The last of the recording is the axe wielder saying that they will have to stick around to meet those Daniel sent a message to. As if on cue, the two crimson bathed opponents appeared. Hopefully we have more luck than the golems that were protecting Daniel in keeping them at bay whilst Flips makes his teleportation circle. I fear we don’t have much of a chance against them head-on. I’d hate to leave this plane without the knowledge of the old ones. If I do, I suppose I could slake my curiosity by searching out Daniel in the afterlife and having the exchange I was hoping to have under the stars. Of course I would then hasten to reunite with you both and Katarina (if you have indeed moved on). That doesn’t sound too bad to me.

See you soon (possibly),


PS A thought just occurred to me, was his soul sucked into that weapon with his body? I wouldn’t be able to meet him in the afterlife if that is the case. I would never learn the secrets! Our survival is now of the utmost importance, I must be alive to complete the research myself.

I did as you asked, my master. First, I found a scholar who was isolated within the halls of the Astronomical section of the Egronese archives. He was all by himself, reading a book and writing some notes in the god-awful scrawl of Giant. He was quickly and easily culled, and his blood harvested as you instructed. I filled several waterskins to the brim with the crimson substance.

Per your instructions, I then prepared The Mark. The life force of this pitiable fool would serve to bring forth your servants, and the dark legions from between the stars answered my call. In the name of the Lightless Sky, I brought forth your servants. However, there were… complications.

It appears the ones we were warned of followed the trail more quickly than expected, and arrived moments after I had finished the incantation. As a result, I had no choice but to split the forces granted to me: most moved to destroy that damned starmap, while I and your Shadowmaw stayed behind to intercept the insolent intruders.

The owl one was fast, though. It took flight and moved past the forces I had left in an attempt to protect the map. I had no doubt that one would be easy enough for your servants to kill, however, so I continued to guard the door. This group was more mobile than I anticipated, however. When the Binmari had his chance to move, he teleported himself and the cow deeper into the room as well.

In a matter of moments, the area with the starmap was enveloped in walls of fire and ice, forming a barrier between your servants and their target. Still, the Satyr and his heavily-armored companion hounded me, so I was unable to move to ensure the starmap's destruction. Though, with their allies gone, the pair was unable to capitalize on my weakness, and I had several opportunities to heal.

Perplexingly, the armored man drank a potion and ran, leaving the Satyr to face myself and the Shadowmaw alone. Perhaps the ones who had moved ahead found themselves overwhelmed and needed assistance? Regardless, it was unexpected for them to leave one of their own behind to die. It was only through the sudden and timely return of the owl that he survived, though his life has only been prolonged by mere seconds.

The group was on the ropes at this point. All were badly wounded by the admirable performance of your faithful servants, and most were struggling against debilitating effects. This battle was about to end, and I would be rewarded greatly for destroying both the starmap and your enemies…

“Brother, how go our plans?”

“They are not without merit but they have failed to bear fruit just yet.”

“Yes, I saw that they returned.”

“No matter, our misdeeds have taken root and they will find themselves hard pressed to remove those weeds from their garden.”

“As you have instructed, I have returned.”

“Good. Report.”

“We were able to gain access to the forbidden zone and the secret libraries of Egron, escorted by one Lei F. Mei. He appears to be a government official of significant position despite his… qualities.”

“Yes, we know he is voidborn. The fact that his country has placed him in such prominent standing must mean they hold him in quite high esteem.”

“Yes, commander. In my brief encounter with him, he proved to be a reliable contact and a good man. He obviously owes great allegiance to his country but I believe we should add him to our ‘friendlies’ list.”

“Nothing is obvious, Bern. Continue.”

This is nice. Floating feeling. I can feel it in my stomach. Bobbing up and down in this lovely water. I wonder where I am… Well, wherever it is, it’s wonderful. I hope I never leave.

“At least they look a little worse for the wear now.”

“As I said, the seeds have been planted.”

“Oh? Do tell.”

“Well, let’s just say, when they think they are training us, we are really training them…”

“Apologies, commander. After we gained entrance into the library to access the star map, there were two coinciding attacks by Envoy forces. The first, made against diplomats from Lyzum, was meant as a distraction. The second was the true attack, with the intent being to destroy the star map.”

“Interesting. So, whatever you found in archmage Daniel’s basement is obviously extremely important to the Envoy.”

“Nothing is obvious, Commander.”


“Sorry. Yes, I think we can conclude that the Envoy did not want us to access the information contained in the map, so we couldn’t find the star being. Which likely means that the red armored individuals must be working for or with the Envoy. How else would the Envoy know about the star map and to send his forces there?”

“There are ways but it is a relatively safe assumption and something we should keep in mind going forward.”

“Going forward?”

“Watch your tone, Bern. Let’s not have this conversation again. Now, please, continue.”

Huh? The bobbing stopped. I feel… weak and… heavy. [splashing noises] No!

“What do you mean, brother Pepe? How are we training them?”

“That baboon who handles us. I implanted a thought in his empty head.”

“Implanted a thought?”

“Yes. Just a whisper of a doubt. An inkling that might sway him, ever so slightly. To abandon his companions when they’re in need.”


“Indeed. And from the looks of them, it almost worked. It shouldn't be long now. Not long at all, cluck cluck.”

“No! ACTUALLY, we’re talking about this now.”


“Why did you pull me out!?”

“Running a brothel in Thraven is not part of the mission.”

“It’s not a brothel and you know it! We found a connection to the people in red armor, we found a tool to fight the Envoy that is currently in Maelstrom, we uncovered a whole new type of moon magic. We were making progress. Why did you pull me out?”

“You will not question your commander!”


“You will not question your magnate!”

“You son-of-a…“

“You will not question your father!”

[pauses] “…we both know you’re only two of those things.” [turns and walks out]

“…I’m sorry, Bern. As any of them… as all of them, I had to protect you. Forgive me.”

Gulp. Gasp. Drowning… not drowning? Floating again? But underwater now… but not drowning? Where am I? Where is that light coming from? Too blurry. Move closer. Swim. Kick. Back at the surface? So bright. What is that? The moon? Oh, how lovely. I love the moo….

[sharp inhale of breath] “Who are you? Where am I?”

Dearest Mother and Father,

I have been so naive. In all of my studies and exploration, in my vast knowledge of and connection to the heavens, I never thought the power could be used against me. How could those that study as I do be so twisted as to support one that seeks to forever change the landscape of the galaxy? I feel betrayed that one such as myself could not have come to the same conclusions as me…but I get ahead of myself.

The woman I awoke with Moon Magic makes herself pretty useful right away. No, I do not mean to say that I took her up on her carnal proposition. I did not “use” her to scratch a certain earthly itch. I would be flattered of the offer but it seems as though she would be eager to partake in earthly pleasures with anyone if they converted to her religion. I do not know how well she is able to see in the dark but it would probably be pretty helpful with her chosen vocation. She goes by The Host, not to be confused by the fact that we have 3 other Hosts living in our establishment. I don’t mind, the moon magic brought her out of her coma for a reason so I just should trust in it. Though the moon magic has proven to be fickle as of late…

She scrys the Heavenly Hierophont and sees it walking through a building with the sound of combat around it. We see a room that has a circle with the distinctive visage of the fungus encircled. Alas we did not get a definitive answer as to where HH is, so we try other methods. Someone sends to Zeke and he is useless, I’m sure Bern would not have been surprised. Speaking of Bern, she is no longer. So The Host asks the Inciter about where to find HH, but he gives us some cryptic nonsense which again included the fungus. If I was the suspicious sort, I would be worried about that one, but he has been very encouraging of maintaining my connection to the heavens. It was late at this point so we all retired to our quarters.

In the morning a little fiend delivers a letter for Flips from Flips. There are those that discourage celestial magic for its power and messing with the unknown. This pales in comparison to this time magic, who knows what the ramifications will be if we change something because of this letter from beyond. The missive let us know that we have 1 day to save the HH and that I must use more of the Moon magic on some gift that was left for us by future Flips. My mind starts to wander immediately thinking about using the new magics but somehow we got to Maelstrom on a boat. We must’ve travelled at the speed of light for I was only lost in thought for a moment.

Sarrins owl friend finds the ruins we were directed to. It seems like the ruins are not the kind I like but more just the ruins of half constructed dungeon of some sort. I was still pretty lost in thought but I overhear something about Flips being an expert in seagulls balls but I’m not sure how that is relevant. I make a note to myself that I should pay more attention and to keep my eyes out for seagulls.

We find a body in an inky pool and it is the very entity we were sent to protect. I took a moment to be sad but immediately continued to look for the so-called gift in the adjacent room. Leave it to Flips to think that a picture of himself is a gift. I look back and see the rest of the group playing with the corpse, and they call me weird. I patiently wait for them to join me in the room before working my magic over the circle. A portal appears and we all step through it. We appear in the same room we just left but see the same letter we had received earlier, which I guess from where we are is now later?

Some weird voice tells us that the theme for the month is elementals, whatever that means. We find the Heavenly Heirophont in the oil pool room, but he is in the meat puppet form of the body we found in the oil in the future. So it seems we are being given a second chance! I have so many questions but that has to wait. A moonlight priest enters and tries to take us out. He summoned moonbeams that seemed to fortify his vile companions. I am still at a loss at this betrayal. It’s almost as if the power isn’t inherently good as I thought, it doesn’t shape the person, it doesn’t naturally attract those that have a light within. This powerful magic in the wrong hands is just as evil as the one weilding it. I was reeling, not so much that we weren’t able to take him out. One less person sullying the power, at least I can gain some satisfaction in that.

Your daughter with stars in her eyes,


The party continued their battle with Leandra and her shadow warriors. Duskwick charged to the front with the sword spiders, as the rest of the party took cover. Which wasn't the best idea. All grouped up, fireballs and other area of effect spells rained down on them. However, the party was able to turn the tide in that regard. Cass entangled their enemies, while Flips laid down some offensive spells that widdled them down. The barbarians charged through the spells, wreaking havoc as they did and cutting down a number of sword spiders in the process. The Host protected the last one, who ended up landing the killing blows on multiple enemies in a single turn. However, The Host's hubris would not go unpunished - as she took a number of damaging blows and almost lost consciousness. Luckily, Cass was there and fully restored the angel-winged temptress in an instant. Doug teleported around trying to finish Leandra, while Sarrin provided support, blasting enemies back into the aforementioned area of effect spells and soon Leandra fell and turned into a black goo.

Doug informed the party that this was just a copy of Leandra. Unfortunately, he didn't know where the real one was but he did have an intimate knowledge of the Envoy, having once known everything it knew before the connection was severed. The party left Maelstrom on Leandra's boat, finding some loot, training and having conversations that will be retconned shortly. The Host also informed the party that the Sentinel had offered her a deal - access to one of the renowned silver scroll artifacts. In return, he did ask The Host to try to upset the old gods and their hold on the world. Also, on the way, the party stopped to mail the future-letter to themselves. And they made a gift of their newly acquired boat to the Flumph Father. The party returned to their bar, where they discussed fountain placement and what silver scroll to ask for…

“They return.”

“No worse for the wear this time, unfortunately.”

“Patience, comrade Nunchuks. Patience.”

“Grand Exalted Commander, Pepe. We bide our time but for what? It seems they grow ever stronger. Returning each time with a new piece of furniture and a retinue of fresh-faced fodder.”

“I don’t like your tone.”

“Be that as it may, I think it is time to reconsider our options. We must concede that our plans have not worked, as of yet. Perhaps they are too subtle to succeed. We need something bold… something new… something…”

“Yes, comrade. You are not wrong. Perhaps it’s finally time. Tonight… we dine on cookies!”

“Cubert, can you setup a teleportation to Airaind for tomorrow?”

“Of course, miss Host. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Well, Sarrin is out shopping right now but I think Duskwick and Cass need some assistance with armor upgrades. Can you help?”

“Of course, miss Host. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Is that all you say, Cubert?”

“No, miss Host. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

[sigh] “No, Cubert. That will be all. Thank you… it’s just. I’m worried about going after the Silver Soul Scroll. I know the Sentinel won’t come after us again but I worry this will change things. It’s as if the stakes are getting ever higher and it gets harder and harder to know what’s the right thing to do. On top of that, now we know about these Ragnarok Knights, their leader Baron Ulrich Kamph and their soul forged weapons. But we don’t know anything else – why they’re allied with the Envoy, how they make their weapons, where they are based, outside of Solaria in general. It’s a lot, Cubert.”

“I’m sorry, miss Host. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“And now we have to reactivate pillars and the Envoy’s name is Terry. Terry. The Envoy’s name is Terry, Cubert… sorry. No, there is nothing else I need, thank you.”

“Very good, miss Host.”

[talking outside her room, through a door slightly cracked open] “No, Flips. I don’t know. Why wouldn’t anyone pay you for one of your fingers? It doesn’t make any sense. Me? Oh, I don’t have any… Sarrin manages the money, so I dunno. But, a lot. I’m sure I’d pay a lot for one. Yes. Glad I could help. Okay, talk to you later.” [shuts door] Such an interesting character. Anyway, ladies, how goes the mission?”

“Don’t tell them the Sentinel wants you to upset the old gods, don’t tell them the Sentinel wants you to upset the old gods, don’t…”

“You know we can all hear your thoughts, right?”

“I’m sorry, Sarrin. I just have to keep reminding myself.”

“Well, you cast the spell, so I thought you’d at least understand the conditions.”

“I do. I’m just nervous. Can’t let them know that, probably shouldn’t let them know I have 3 of the 5 sanctuary key pieces.”

“You think? I mean, I appreciate a good motif as well as the next guy but, this whole key thing – it’s a little much. And why is everything so monochrome? I feel like I’m at a Flumph-Daddy 4th of Eptamin white party in the Hamptons.”

“Who? Where?”

“Nevermind, Hosty. Though I think you’d enjoy it.”

“No! This cannot be!”

“This new one in the coat. He’s too powerful. He understands us and our intent. We cannot beat him.”

“Do not let him break you, Nunchuks”

[the shot pans out to Doug holding a cookie just out of the abyssal chickens’ reach, as they jump to try to eat it]

“And this one has been brought back by the Merchant.”

“Well, that’s not sumpin I try to broadcast, love. But, yeah, I met em, he was an awlright bloke, he was.”

“Very well. It is not for me to judge your worth in such matters. Obviously, the gods chose you for a reason. If you’re set on the scroll you desire, I do suggest you prepare for the upcoming challenge. From what I understand, it can be quite brutal. When you are ready to enter the demiplane, please return to me and I will begin the ritual for your trial. You can use this key to get a discount at the local stores.” [removes key from neck and hands to the party]

[the party takes the key and departs]

“Well, more shopping – I never tire of that.”

“We know, Sarrin.”

“Also, have you considered that the soul scroll gives one access to memories. And what are memories but a look into the past? Past. Time. Flips is a time wizard. So, the scroll should go to Flips.”

“I agree! You can have one of my fingers, Cass.”

“What is cow-girl on about?”

“No offense but does Flips have the right moral integrity to wield a…”

“Now, now. Let’s do one thing at a time. We need to get the scroll before we decide who should use it. Let’s focus on the task at hand. Namely, shopping.”

Before we go through the trial it seems as if the Host wants to give us a great feast. It's a great time to take a look at our horoscopes. I only have the signs for myself, Sarrin, and Host so I will be able to get a good read on us. The others are a bit more complicated. Would I read Duskwick based on his original birth day or his reanimation date? I don’t have either of those dates so it's not really relevant right now. As for Flips, the question is similar, would I read him based on the day his spores infected the corpse, the birth date of the corpse, or the date of the creation of the voice in his head? All of his messing about with time would no doubt impact the reading as well…oh well I can do a reading on the day in general as well to give me even more information.

Me- Nion (Entimin 24-Dodkmin 23)- You might be feeling more withdrawn than usual today. That’s OK because you need time to nourish yourself and reflect. Be wary of needing immediate results or gratification right now.

Well it seems like today will be another day where I am in the background and given leave to follow my thoughts where the heavens guide them.I feel greatly empowered since I was able to trap those enemies so effectively in our last battle, I will just have to hold on to that feeling for when the time is right. This feast is supposed to take an hour, I hope that is long enough to get the nourishment I’m prescribed. “Hmm why is this food so small? It is supposed to bestow great powers to us, I’m going to have to eat so much of it to even feel full.” It’s tasty though, this looks a bit like a mini sandwich. Oh Flips is looking at me expectantly, there is suddenly me- sized food. Maybe I made my thoughts on the size of the food known, sometimes my mouth/brain filter is broken.

Sarrin- Utah (Dyomin 27-Height of Life-Trimen 27)- There’s a lot you can accomplish today when you put your mind and skills to it. Just make sure that you’re not overpromising on what you can deliver right now.

He is very good at convincing others to do exactly as he wants and to see what he wants them to see, I have never seen him fail. We’ve come to depend on his infallibility with convincing others, let's hope we don’t make a plan that depends solely on his abilities today in case he has overstated his abilities.

Host- Muin (Examin 29- Eptamin 28)- Curiosity and exploration are the keys to your success today. Keep this in mind if there’s an opportunity for you on the table. Don’t be too quick to say no. Think it over. Hmm something seems off, Host doesn’t seem to be the type to say no. The only scenario I would think she would say no is some sort of menial labor that is only meant to degrade and dismiss her, something like carrying someone who dislikes her just so they stay clean. It is spot on with the mention of exploration today, we are heading over to the trial for the Silver Scroll of Souls today. She is right on the cusp, so perhaps I should look at Coll to see if her nature is waning today.

Coll (Pentamin 29- Bleak Watching- Examin 28)- You might prefer to work solo or behind the scenes today. While there are things that you can accomplish this way, don’t discount the benefit of friends and community. Nope…she is literally the embodiment of love. I don’t think there is a bone in her body that discounts others. So it's safe to say someone is going to try to degrade her today and she won’t have it.

General Horoscope

Mercury, the planet of communication, is in retrograde in the sign of Duir. Mercury is known to be a trickster and in Duir, it’s important to be mindful of our blind spots. There are two sides to every story and unless you ask, it’s likely that you will have a limited understanding of someone else’s perspective.

“We used to have little round-table discussions with the old group at meals to discuss things from our past that might come back and haunt the group. For example, the Sentinel and I used to have a contentious relationship and he doesn’t think I should exist”

I wonder if I should exist after what happened with Kat. I dont know if it will haunt the group but it certainly haunts me.“She is dead because of me and my pursuit of knowledge of the stars. I did not strike the killing blow, but she was there because of me and I was powerless to stop it from happening.” I just left her there, what kind of sister am I that I did that.

Mercury Retrograde tells us to pay attention and slow down. Duir is a mutable air sign, bringing new inquiries as the seasons change. As you pick up new projects and bridge social connections, be mindful about how the relationships and commitments you keep are weighing on your cognitive load. Not all ideas should be explored — take it easy.

“I just think its funny that we used to be doing things for the good of the group and now, since you’ve joined us, we are doing the things that YOU want to do”

Oooooh I missed something, what made Sarrin mad?

The moon rounds out her trip through determined Utah this morning, putting us in the mood to tie up loose ends.

Yes, Sarrin felt compelled to tie up some loose ends by trying to figure out how the Host has gained so much influence over the action plan for our little group. “Sometimes when people feel their influence is waning or ignored they start to get mad and lash out to those close to them.”

Though with the Utah moon also meeting up with Mars in homebody Tinne by the late morning, we might find ourselves in the mood for a nap.

Hmm, he seems a bit cranky, perhaps a nap would help. Having a bit of a nap with a full stomach can do a bit of good to change a bad mood.

As the case with planets in Utah, the best way to proceed forward is to take things slow.

How did we get into this well? Host is helping me out and we seem to be in the past, the air is charged and we are surrounded by people that sound like Duskwick. He also seems to recognize them, really too bad that I don’t know how to read him, we might have had a little heads up that this was going to happen.

Pluto will also be retrograde this month. Don’t worry though, Pluto and Saturn are outer planets, which means they’re so far away from Baltia that they should be examined through a societal and generational lens. Pluto rules over transformation and trauma, and because it’s retrograde in the sign Rowan, we’re being challenged to deepen our understanding of institutional corruption and systems of oppression.

Well we are in the past, and with brethren of Dustwicks that should be long dead by now. Apparently the Baron still lives at the expense of his subjects, wholly mistreating them. By these accounts he should be judged and held accountable. It seems like Dustwick and the other various x-wicks have been doing their best to do that.

As the Duir moon squares off with limitless Jupiter in Fearn by the evening, the best way to navigate the rest of the day is to try to remain present to the moment without spreading ourselves too thin.

“So yew need to take out tha supply train to the wes and git ridda tha re’nforcements to the eas before takin him out from his mansion in tha north”

*Hmm action items in almost each cardinal direction, we really need to heed the advice of not spreading ourselves too thin. Oh and I’m not sure how one would remain present when we are in the past, perhaps we should remain past? Oooop they are leaving, heading to the east with Sarrin disguised as baron halfwit?fuckface?bastard? With a contingent of the freedom fighters dressed as his retinue. Oh somehow Duskwick is dressed as one as well. We are going to try to trick the reinforcements into thinking that Sarrin is the Baron and send them to a place they will not be able to reinforce the mansion. Hopefully he is not overpromising that he will be able to pull it off.

If you’re not feeling it, you’re not feeling it. No need to force anything today. Give your attention to the things — and only those things — that you feel your energy is best spent.

…ooooh nope the plan is to kill now, I may not be good at convincing, but this I can help with! Annnnd it's over, we killed everyone. I can’t help but think “Perhaps next time we should keep someone alive so that we can get information about what is ahead.” We move on and this time Sarrin is able to convince them of his Baron-ness and they move away.

As we move closer to Chetmera’s game-changing solar eclipse in Duir and Mercury retrograde continues, there could be a lot of crossed signals and unexpected surprises to deal with.

We move ahead and find a singular guard working away, Duskwick sneaks up and stabs what ends up being a member of his crew! Talk about wires-crossed. He was able to staunch the bleeding and find out that his mission was to plant a bunch of explosives in the mansion. Thats unfortunate I suppose though I’m glad no innocent servants won’t get blown up. We will try to make use of the explosives in some way. It might be needed as we move ahead and see the main group. We will need all of the information as possible to deal with this challenge

What, nothing else? Well I guess it's time for me to be past, er present. I bet the time for me to see results is nigh.

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