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The most recent addition to the major noble families of Solaria, the ver Honione dynasty was formerly a bloodline that fell under the sway of the ver Fairdawn family. However, with significiant guidance and funding from the ver Pausts, this family eventually formed its own sphere of influence and took a significant amount of territory with it. Now, they act as the military arm of the Republican forces of the civil war at the same time they indulge in the best that money can buy.

The lifestyle of the ver Honione family and its allies changed quickly with the influence of the ver Pausts, going from a society that prioritized military efficiency to one trying to forge its own identity with more money than it could spend. As a result, the recreation-starved nobility of the ver Honione territories quickly spiraled into overindulgence in everything they do. No parties are more grand than the ones hosted by them, and no expense is too much for the finest in life.

Unsurprisingly, this has lead to much of the ruling class finding themselves deeply in debt to their allies in the ver Paust territories in order to maintain their lavish lifestyles, and this debt is to be paid with military service for now. The ver Honione family now leverage the military experience granted to them by years with the ver Fairdawn family in order to fight against their former masters.

The ver Honione territories are populated primarily by Wood Elves and Humans, though with each passing year the other races of the world begin to claim larger and larger percentages of the population as the spendthrifts that rule here attract anyone looking for easy money. Those that live in the region find it a unique experience compared to the rest of Solaria, in ways both pleasing and concerning.

The extravagance of the nobility does not end at their palaces. The towns and villages of the region must also be the best that money can buy, and fortunes have been spent improving them. What improvement means, however, varies considerably by the noble arranging it. Some locations are fiercely loyal to nobles who spared no expense on amenities for the commoners. Others, however, only care about what they can see from their palace. In these locations, commoners are often furious at the fortunes spent to “beautify” their villages with no regard paid to what actually benefits them.

The ver Honione family is perhaps the most harmonious in Solaria, as most members of the family are too self-involved to worry about what their siblings or cousins are doing. There is little motivation to advance, as with lifestyles that are already extravagant, there's little motivation to seek more power. What conflicts do arise are typically over money and honor.

Honor is important within the military of the ver Honione family, as its traditions diverged from the pragmatic ver Fairdawn model to one that brings their extravagance to the battlefield. Battles are expected to be glorious and noteworthy, with the commander expected to be beyond reproach. This can also be complicated by funding, as commanders often receive compensation from the ver Paust family for successes, with that payday being split if multiple people are responsible. This leads to commanders that often avoid cooperation with their allies, in favor of singular victories.

The cities of the ver Honione territories are some of the most vibrant in the world, with unique architecture and features deliberately included to make them stand out from all others.

The isolated city of Vignoble sits on the western coast of Eau de Bois, and is where the ver Honione family governs its lands. Much of the surrounding territory has been reshaped into resorts of all kinds, though some have fallen into disrepair as their patrons find their wallets empty. The city itself is filled with services of all kinds, as even those outside the nobility can be easily caught in the spectacle of the city. Likewise, there are plenty of one-of-a-kind purchases that can be made, both legitimate and fraudulent.

In the south of the region sits Ville Troilles, where most military operations of the family are organized. During periods of downtime, of which their are many, the city is typically abuzz with tournaments and games where no expense is spared. Exotic creatures are brought to be slain by nobles, jousting is common, and entire arenas can be flooded for mock navel combat.

The ver Honione territories are unique in Solaria, as any whim a noble has that they can afford can quickly become reality. Of course, this excess has a significant effect on the citizens.

Party Hard. To live in the ver Honione territories is to be surrounded with extremes in all forms. Some embrace this lifestyle, and live like nobles whether they have the money or not, while others are disgusted by the waste and depravity.

Honorable Combat. Those who fight in the ver Honione territories are expected to fight honorably, even if it's less effective. Characters that made a name for themselves in honorable combat may still hold these values, while others may refuse to handicap themselves in that way.

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