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Composed of numerous islands and the largest peninsula in Solaria, the lands under the control of the ver Paust family of High Elves contain enormous centers of trade that have made its ruling family second only to the Emperor himself in terms of overall wealth. This has helped them fund the Republican effort during the civil war, with their end goal to abolish the monarchy entirely. While villages that support these cities are in no short supply, the countryside is also dotted with the exclusive villas of the region's elite.

The ver Paust family prides itself on its shrewd business skills, passed down since the dynasty was founded by the Capitalist. To be an excellent trader is a point of pride for members of the family and those aligned with them, which has benefited them significantly over the years. Unlike the ver Torrun family, which struggles to reign in the dominance of its guilds, the merchant class of the ver Paust lands and its ruling family are one and the same.

This means that power is highly centralized inside the family, and with the family itself making significant money through trade, the nobles of this family are far wealthier than most. However, the politics of the ver Paust family are notoriously cutthroat, with influence in the family being hard to earn.

The ver Paust territories are perhaps the most cosmopolitan in the nation, with a wide spread of different races and cultures that leave no group of people with anything close to a majority. However, the High Elves of the ver Paust family and their allies are unquestionably the rulers, with nearly nobody from outside this clique holding any meaningful power within this region.

Wealth is everything here, and for those without it, acquiring it is nearly impossible. The ruling class works diligently to keep wealth concentrated amongst themselves, though they show just enough benevolence to keep the grumbling of commoners from getting out of hand. Still, those skilled in certain roles can enjoy a higher quality of life, so long as they aren't viewed as a threat.

On the surface, the ver Paust territories practice republican values, such as allowing their citizens the ability to vote for representatives that have some sway in decision-making on both the local and regional levels. In practice, however, many find the leadership to have few differences from elsewhere in the country. In order to enter the running for office, an individual typically needs to be wealthy, and so many of these roles are filled by members of the nobility. Representatives from outside the ruling class tend to receive such significant bribes after election that they typically find their opinions change quickly.

However, wielding power in these territories is not all positive. Struggles within the nobility of the ver Paust region are legendary, as each member is always looking at an opportunity for advancement. Much of this occurs though clever deals and power plays, but it's also extremely common for someone's rival to find themselves kidnapped or murdered.

The cities of the ver Paust territories are generally wealthier and more vibrant than others in Solaria, as a blending of cultures and peoples flourishes through trade.

Named after the Capitalist, Arkaydia is the wealthiest city in Solaria and where the most powerful of his descendants rule. Goods and coin flow in immeasurable quantities each day, and even the less wealthy members of the city find that their quality of life is better than most in Solaria. However, it is here where the political infighting the ver Pausts cultivate is at its worst. Criminal enterprises flourish here, as wealthy patrons hire experts to disrupt the operations of their rivals, before those same rivals hire them to return the favor.

Acting as the gateway to the Arkaydian Peninsula, the fortified city of Gardèle sits where it connects to the mainland, acting as a bastion and checkpoint. Far away from the coastal ports that allow for flourishing cities, Gardèle is noticeably poorer than the other cities in the region, and leaves little in the way of diverse local entertainment. Exile to this city is a popular punishment amongst the nobility of the region, as those used to the excitement found farther south would find little to stimulate them here. As a result, the elites in this city tend to be far more disgruntled, and frequently take their frustrations out on the commoners.

The largest island under the control of the ver Paust family sits south of the ver Fairdawn territories, and holds dockyard of Ville d'Argent. This city is utterly devoted to supporting the expansive navy of the ver Paust family, both its commercial and military arms. Expansive ships are always under construction here, with plenty of safe harbor for existing ships to set anchor. However, much of the settlement is penal in nature, with many of the workers being individuals convicted of crimes real or fabricated.

Born of Privilege. Characters from the Arkaydian lands can very easily be divided into those with wealth and those who serve them, which is likely to color such a person's outlook. An individual may resent the arrogant elite that they were forced to support, or aspire to be one. Perhaps the child of a noble has become spoiled from their upbringing, or wishes to live more like a commoner after seeing the outside world.

Anything Goes. When it comes to self-advancement in the ver Paust territories, nothing is off limits. Someone hailing from this region might be horrified with the nobility after some of the stories they've heard. Or, perhaps, they've been taking notes.

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