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The territories controlled by the ver Fairdawn family and its allies are primarily composed of sprawling forests, divided into two separate regions split by the inland sea known as Eau de Bois. Wood elves make up the majority of the population here, though Orcs make up a sizable minority population, and the cities can be as mixed as any other.

Methricus Fairdawn, the Hero of the Cataclysm that the ver Fairdawn family hails from, was renowned as a master tactician and military strategist. As a result, his descendants have based much of their identity on military affairs, and they have traditionally been disproportionately represented within the Solarian military. During some times in the nations history, the majority of both elite soldiers and officers hailed from these lands.

Centuries of military experience have allowed the territories to hold firm despite terrible odds. Allied with the isolated ver Torrun family in the civil war, the ver Fairdawn territories are likewise surrounded by enemies. On their eastern flank lie the ver Hermes territories controlled by the Emperor, with the ver Honione territories on their western side. With their territories split in two, it has only been due to centuries of military experience that the ver Fairdawn territories have survived.

Outside of the cities, those who live in the ver Fairdawn territories live highly regimented and militarized lives. Most people in this region aspire to become soldiers since childhood, reinforced by a society that idolizes military service and sacrifice. Most villages here more closely resemble forts, with citizens of all ages being trained in combat. Further, the forests in these territories are deliberately left dangerous, both to allow members of the community to hone their skills as well as to discourage attacks from outside.

Within the cities, the culture more closely resembles that of the rest of Solaria. While an air of militarism still weighs heavily, with many more guards and soldiers on patrol here than in nearly any other city in the country, it's far less dangerous for an average person to spend time here.

The ver Fairdawn territories are more cohesive politically than most regions in the empire, due both to their naturally militarized nature and due to past betrayals. The ver Honione family once swore allegiance to the ver Fairdawns, but would eventually unite many other minor families against them, taking approximately a third of the ver Fairdawn family's territories in the process.

After this, the ver Fairdawns took great pains to remove disloyal elements from their faction over the years, and those that remained have little respect for their traitorous neighbors. Nowadays, much of the ver Fairdawn policy has been influenced by revanchist fervor, as they hope to reclaim power in their western territories. The civil war may prove to be their best chance of doing so.

The cities of the ver Fairdawn territories are constructed as military bastions, built to withstand sieges even though few have ever threatened them. They're also renowned for their weapons industries, with goods ranging from hand-crafted to mass-produced being found here in abundance.

The seat of ver Fairdawn power, Lacoupé sits halfway between Eau de Bois and the Blue Sea, as well as halfway between the ver Hermes lands and the ver Honione territories. This positioning makes it a major trade hub, in addition to allowing the ver Fairdawn family to move their armies quickly to wherever they are needed. However, with the civil war, trade has slowed significantly. Most traders and craftsmen now rely on their goods traveling to Deux Sauts in order to survive, both legally and illegally, and both smuggling and banditry have exploded as a result.

Deux Sauts is the only city controlled by the ver Fairdawn family that has ports accessible to the outside world. This has allowed the city's economy to survive the civil war, as they're able to find buyers for their goods outside the empire. However, this has also made them a prime target, and the city frequently finds itself the target of raids and sabotage by enemies.

Sitting on the ver Fairdawn border with the ver Hermes territories in the north, Vue de la Rivière is a fortress city that now acts as the first and greatest line of defense against the armies of Emperor Illivan. Its isolated location, however, means that reinforcements would be unlikely to arrive in time if called. A gloom rests over the city as a result, as the citizens know any day the city could be sieged by superior forces, with its occupants left to starve within its walls.

The ver Fairdawn lands are uniquely suited for creating adventurers, as the culture here is built around creating capable soldiers, and even those who don't aspire to fight for their homeland understand at least the basics of combat.

Military Upbringing. Characters born in the ver Fairdawn territories would have been brought up in a very Spartan fashion, with their childhood and adolescence acting as one long boot-camp. Many citizens embrace this education and view it as part of their heritage, but there's no shortage of individuals who despise losing their childhoods to be raised like soldiers.

Strong Beliefs. Those raised in the ver Fairdawn territories are raised to rarely question authority, and their worldviews may be as simple as they are firmly held. Characters may have been raised to see certain groups of people as natural and unquestionable enemies, or to believe in the ultimate goodness of their inherent mission.

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